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Canarm Brand Industrial Ceiling Fans   
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  • Engineered and designed for general applications where above average area coverage and cooling velocity are required.

  • Reversible motor for both winter heat de-stratification and summer time cooling (except CP56HPWPC is downdraft only).

  • All fans are sealed and suitable for high moisture application (All High performance Fans are Waterproof).

  • All High Performance Fans have straight blades and heavy-duty motors for higher air movement and better cooling capacity.

  • Heavy Duty Motors and Bearings built for long life and maximum output. These Industrial Ceiling Fans are ideally suited for agricultural buildings.

  • 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.

  • Down Flow Industrial Ceiling Fan Model with Curved Blades


    5 Year  Warranty


    Printable Manual(75.6kb)

    Spacing Guidelines(2.88Mb)

    Installation Instructions(289kb)

    *Note: Installation and wiring diagrams are included with shipment of product.




     Documents on this website are in PDF format and can be viewed with the free download of Acrobat Reader.

    Model # Stock Color CFM Airflow Description Size Max RPM **Coverage Weight Volts





    Down Rod
    *CP48 HPWP White 21,000 Reversible Wire Leads 48" 352 800 sq. ft. 18 lbs 120 0.55 64 16"
    *CP56 HPWP White 27,500 Reversible Wire Leads 56" 319 1,800 sq. ft. 24 lbs 120 0.83 100 16"
    CP56 HPWPC White 27,500 Down 3 Prong Plug 56" 319 1,800 sq. ft. 24 lbs 120 0.83 100 16"
    *CP56 AG White 27,500 Reversible Wire Leads 56" 319 1,800 sq. ft. 24 lbs 120 0.83 100 8"
    *CP60 HPWP White 46,000 Reversible Wire Leads 60" 292 2,500 sq. ft. 25 lbs 120 0.84 100 16"

    *Model #FRMC5 combination speed control & reversing switch is required if you want to operate reversible ceiling fans in reverse.

    **Area coverage is measured from 20' mounting height.

    Ceiling Fan Guards

         1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty

    Ceiling fan guards must be mounted to fans which are directly mounted to building structure which will support combined weight of fan and guard.

    Model # Guard Outside Diameter Maximum Ceiling Fan Diameter Weight
    CP93-56 60" 56" 30 lbs
    Solid State Speed Controls  

    Note: All Envirofan brand ceiling fans shown on this page are made to work with solid state speed controls. These controls are made to mount in a single gang box on the wall.

    They work just like a dimmer switch, with infinite speed adjustment except for model RFI-1 (Church Quiet) control. This is a 3-speed control for low noise applications.

    All infinite range speed controls may generate a slight humming noise when running the fan at low speeds. This should be taken into consideration when choosing a location

    to mount the fans in sound sensitive areas such as a church sanctuary.

    Model MC-3, MC-5, MC-10, MC-15 (Infinite Range)

    Model FRMC5 (Infinite Range)

    Model CQ004 (Church Quiet - 3 Speed)

    Model # Volts Power Supply # of Ceiling Fans Controlled
    MC-3 120 120V/1/60HZ (1-2)
    MC-5 120 (1-5)
    MC-10 120 (1-8)
    MC-15 120 (1-12)
    FRMC5 120 (1-4)
    CQ004 120 (1)
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